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To view Dr. Aghassi's videos on YouTube, just search for "Dr. Hamid Mirza Aghassi".

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Below is a sample video when Dr. Aghassi speaks from heart!



Audio Lecture



Essential Concept of Hejab in Islam (Click to view or right click, then Save Target As...)

Prophet Muhammad's Wife Ayesha - Was She Underage? (Click to view or right click, then Save Target As...)

Marriage with Infants - Totally discredited by Dr. Aghassi

Miracles of the Holy Qura'n (in English & Other) - Click HERE to Watch or Download the Videos)



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Dr. Aghassi's TV Schedule
Channel Day & Time (PST) Re-Run Program
Pars TV
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
7:00 PM

zamane pakhsh be vaghte Iran


This site is dedicated to Dr. Mirza Aghassi and his teachings.
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